Education and outreach

TVAS (Ireland) Ltd has long been involved in bringing the results of archaeological work back to the public. We love to share our enthusiasm for the discipline and have participated in the establishment and continued development of several voluntary and community based archaeology projects including:

The Caherconnell Archaeological Field School
Excavations at Killilagh Church, Doolin
Excavations at Quin Friary
Excavations at Dangan Uí Bhigín Castle.

We offer the following services to any interested community and education groups:

Our workshops are designed for participants with a range of pre-existing archaeological knowledge and interest and can be tailored to the needs of a particular group, be it primary school children or adults. Workshops usually include an introduction to the discipline of archaeology, the legislative framework in Ireland and the actual practices and procedures we work through in order to investigate a site. Dig boxes provide an opportunity to experience the act of excavation and to explore the thought processes behind interpreting the findings. For longer training programmes individual workshops can cover a range of subjects, including science, artefacts and the tools and techniques for investigating your local landscape.

We welcome members of the public to join in any community excavations we are involved in and provide experienced archaeological staff to train volunteers in techniques of archaeologial excavation and recording.

Transition Year students looking for interesting work placements are always welcome and can be accommodated in our offices or, circumstances permitting, on site. We are able to provide experience of all stages of archaeological work, from project planning, through research, fieldwork and reporting and many of the skills learnt in an archaeological environment are transferrable to other areas of life or other careers.

The archaeologists at TVAS (Ireland) Ltd are generally locally based and have strong community ties. We therefore have individual and corporate involvement in local community groups and archaeological societies - we are always happy to come and talk to any interested groups.

We are also able to help prepare archaeological and heritage exhibitions and to engage with the media in relation to archaeological projects - ensuring that the information that reaches the press and the public is accurate and expresses our shared enthusiasm for the past and the value its study can bring to our lives today.

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